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Stainless Steel Screws and Hardware

Reliance stainless steel fasteners are manufactured from A4-70 cold worked austenitic stainless steel, certified to a minimum of 700MPa tensile strength, while providing the best possible corrosion resistance. Thread sizes from M1.6 to M10 are available. In addition to our standard machine and set screws for special applications we also offer:-

  • Captive screws - socket head cap screws to ISO 4762 with plain shank for captive assembly of screw to prevent fastener loss, ideal for service covers. Available in sizes M2 to M6. 
  • Ventilation screws - socket head cap vented screws to ISO 4762 drilled through on axis to assist cavity ventilation in high vacuum equipment and other clean critical applications. Available in sizes M2 to M6. 
  • Wire locking screws - plain socket head cap screws to ISO 4762 with cross drilled head to allow fastener retention by wire locking.
  • Shoulder screws - socket head screws with accurate diamter shoulder for precision assemblies. Maybe used to replace components such as shafts, pivots, pins and guides. Ideally used for linkages and stationary guides.
  • Plain socket head screws
  • Pan head and cheese head machine screws
  • Countersunk machine screws
  • Solder tip set screws - stainless steel set screws (also known as grub screws) with a semi-soft solder tip which helps prevent marking on the shaft.
  • Nylon tip set screws - a self locking set screws (also known as grub screws) used to prevent shaft marking.


Please note: smaller sizes of fasteners may be manufactured from A2-70 stainless steel. Imperial sizes also available, please  contact us  for more information.

Also available are:-

  • Stainless steel disc springs 4mm to 12mm bores.
  • Stainless steel hexagon nuts M1.6 to M6
  • Plain and tooth lock washers M1.6 to M6
  • Precision coiled pins diameter 0.8mm to 3mm
  • Precision ground 300 series stainless steel dowel pins
  • Stainless steel internal and external circlips

A selected range is available from our online store. Please contact us for more information if you are unable to find the component you require.

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