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Reliance Precision Mechatronics

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February 2014 - Precision Components

Reli-a-Flex® Coupling Patented Slot Design Delivers Smooth Motion Transfer

Designed and manufactured by Reliance Precision, the Reli-a-Flex® range of couplings is a popular choice for design engineers seeking to maximise torsional stiffness between two shafts without incurring high bearing loads. Reliance's patented slot design…

February 2014 - Precision Components

Versatile Cost Effective Double Loop Couplings from Reliance

  A family of double loop shaft couplings which provide stability with flexibility is now available from Reliance Precision. The couplings are extremely versatile due to the combination of zinc plated steel hubs and…

May 2013 - Precision Components

Precision Gears Available On-line with the Custom Gear Builder

The on-line custom Gear Builder from Reliance Precision Mechatronics gives simple, efficient access to a range of over 300,000 precision gears. Customers are able to create a customised gear quickly without the need to…

April 2013 - Precision Components

Leadscrew Assemblies Designed for Miniature Mechatronics Systems

Alongside linear slides, couplings and precision gears, Reliance Precision Mechatronics, the UK distributor for Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, announce a new range of leadscrew sizes. The "Micro" Series leadscrew assemblies are 2mm diameter screws…

October 2012 - Precision Components

Leadscrew and Nut Assemblies Available Online

Reliance is pleased to announce the addition of leadscrew and nut assemblies to its online store, complementing the standard range of gears, couplings and hardware products. Reliance leadscrews are available in standard diameters from…