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Oldham Large Offset Couplings

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M0CT-AT-33-12-10 M0CT-AT-33-12-10

Part Description

The M0CT-AT-33-12-10 is part of the Oldham Large Offset Couplings range from Reliance Precision.

The key attributes of the M0CT-AT-33-12-10 are:

Bore 1 (B1) : 12mm
Bore 2 (B2) : 10mm
Outer Diameter (D) : 33.3mm
Overall Length (L) : 47.6mm

See below for the full specification.

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M0CT-AT-33-12-10 Specification

M0CT-AT-33-12-10 2D Drawing


Bore 1 (B1)12mm
Bore 2 (B2)10mm
Hub Length (E)15.0mm
Outer Diameter (D)33.3mm
Overall Length (L)47.6mm
Screw (S)M3
Thread Size34.0Nm

Technical Specification

Disc MaterialAcetal
Maximum Misalignments Axial+0.15mm
Maximum Misalignments Parallel0.20mm
Torque Capacity Rated2.05Nm
Torsional Stiffness0.079Deg/Nm

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M0CT-AT-33-12-10 Information


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