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Captive Screw

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S-M2.5-12-A47-CA S-M2.5-12-A47-CA

Part Description

The S-M2.5-12-A47-CA is part of the Captive Screw range from Reliance Precision.

The key attributes of the S-M2.5-12-A47-CA are:

Thread Size : M2.5
Length (L) : 12.0mm
Thread Length (E) : 5.0mm
Shank Diameter (d) : 1.8mm

See below for the full specification.

If you require a modified or custom version of this product please contact us for further information.

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S-M2.5-12-A47-CA Specification

S-M2.5-12-A47-CA 2D Drawing


Head Diameter (D)4.5mm
Head Length (H)2.5mm
Length (L)12.0mm
Shank Diameter (d)1.8mm
Socket Head A/F (J)2.0mm
Thread Length (E)5.0mm
Thread SizeM2.5

Technical Specification

MaterialA2-70 Austenitic
Thread SpecificationBS 3643 Pt2
Tolerance Class6g

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